What to Expect

1. Where is the Church located?
We are located at 1125 Beal St, Grand Island, NE. (Just on the “other side of the tracks” going down 10th Street, headed East. There is a map on the ‘Find Us’ page above.

2. When should I arrive?
If coming to Sunday School, feel free to join us around 9:45 am, as we have coffee and prayer time. Otherwise, most people show up about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled service begins.

3. What should I wear?
On Sunday morning you will notice a variety of clothing from “Sunday Best” to casual. Every visitor is made to feel welcome regardless of their attire.

4. Is there child care available?
Yes! Every service has a nursery available for children 3 and under. Please ask.

5. Should I bring a Bible? Which one?
Yes, please bring a Bible. We use the KJV only.

6. Will I be pointed out in any way?
At some point after you arrive, you may be asked to fill out a visitor’s card, which you may simply place in the offering plate as it comes around. The pastor may announce that we have visitors, but that is only so that we can try to make you feel welcome, as we have a time during our service for “shaking hands”.

7. Will I be asked or expected to give money?
No! While there will be a time during the service where we allow our congregation to honor God through giving we never appeal to visitors for participation. We are
honored to have you in the service and our greatest desire is see you draw closer to God through your time with us. Of course if you should feel led to give, we appreciate it and we know God will honor you for doing so.

8. What type of worship music do you use?
The music we use would be considered conservative; mostly we sing from our
hymnals. When we have special music, sometimes more contemporary songs will be sung to a cd (not necessarily hymns). But again, mostly conservative.

9. When does the service end?
The Sunday morning worship service will typically end at about 12:15pm.

10. If I come and decide I’d like to join, what do I do?
If you visit and decide you’d like to become part of our church family, please go
forward to the altar during the invitation at the end of the service, and speak with the Pastor.